Looking for Trouble

One of my good friends from college, Bryan Campbell, has gone on the become a videographer and has started his first big project: Looking for Trouble! Documenting a story of sacrifice, ingenuity, and… Continue reading

Tulsa Needs SCADpad!

I had this idea a few months ago but when I tried to describe it, people looked at me like I was crazy! This link will take you to a video about SCADpad… Continue reading

3D printing is my new obsession!

3D printing might be the next disruptive technology, according to this TED talk. This summer I learned that there is a 3D printing lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma! My mind is running wild with… Continue reading

Gender Matters IV – Last One!

This might sound weird, but I try to think like a man. Imagine one of those CIA intelligence movies where you have to think like the enemy to predict their next move and… Continue reading

Gender Matters III

The environment for dating relationships has drastically changed. First, arranged marriages were replaced with the freedom to choose based on love. Then, suffrage, the feminist movement, and the invention of birth control have… Continue reading

Gender Matters II

Aren’t my sisters gorgeous?! I love this picture of them together! Recently I’ve been studying how to glorify God as a woman. Gender Matters 1 was about how your relationship status shouldn’t affect… Continue reading

Gender Matters I

This summer my mom coerced me into going to an 8-week self-hosted bible study with the ladies in our church called True Woman 101. (http://www.truewoman101.com/) I believe my mom wants me to go… Continue reading

Love my job!

You know you have a great job when your boss asks you to find a murder mystery dinner for the annual staff party! Even though I only started in January, working with this… Continue reading

My Miata Is Totaled :(

A week ago today, I was rear-ended on my way home from work. It was warm and sunny so I had the top down on my teal 99 mazda miata mx-5. I slowed… Continue reading

Joining Gold’s Gym!

I officially joined Gold’s Gym last week and so far I absolutely love it! 35% is because of the awesome equipment and the pool! 25% is because of the good location – on… Continue reading