23rd Birthday Celebration – Day 2

My 23rd birthday is this month so I’m celebrating for 23 days! Today’s birthday celebration definitely wasn’t as fun! My pastor ended the church service this morning with the warning that we should all head home as soon as possible because it was snowing a ton! I got stuck on the way home and some nice girls pushed my car into a safe parking lot so Parker and Dad could come rescue me! I’m snowbound at my family’s house! Last night Rea spent the night with me and we had a great time! Tonight she’s thrown up 8 times in the last 3 hours. So guess who’s expecting to get sick tomorrow? Haha! I’m pretty nervous. I had such great plans for today! It was the last day that Beauty and the Beast was at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and I wanted to go so badly! I love musicals! When I was little my sister and I were ballerinas in The Nutcracker! The first play I remember going to in the big theater was when Noni and Poppy took us to see Peter Pan! The same actress who played Peter is making her last tour this year! It’s just amazing! Last fall my family went to see a small production of Legally Blonde because one of my sister’s classmates was playing Elle. I was completely blown away at how she was spot on! Go Kelsey Leutjen!

I would be really excited about the snow if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. Parker’s school was cancelled hours ago. The bad thing about working for your family’s company is that it’s almost never closed! So I have to get up early tomorrow and wear the church clothes I had on this morning and ride to work with dad! It’s gonna be rough. But it’ll be a good birthday gift if I don’t get sick at work tomorrow! On the bright side, Parker and his best friend Joseph Crews made the most delicious milkshakes ever! My favorite is mint chocolate chip from Braum’s, but the second best is when they make a vanilla milkshake and throw in the Cosmic Brownies with the colored sprinkles! It’s so delicious!

I hate football, and was dreading the Super Bowl but I wanted to be around my family today, so I hung out in the living room with them and worked on re-organizing my Pinterest! I added 4 new boards and sorted all my pins onto the new boards! It took forever, but I feel much more organized now! I wish I could figure out how to get my blog posts with pictures to post to Pinterest but it won’t connect for some reason. Any suggestions? You can follow me on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/vendange/  The next task on Pinterest is to make a board that all my family members can pin stuff to! That would be great! The featured image for this post is my profile picture on Pinterest. My classmates took this picture when we were studying abroad in France and we were on a field trip to see the canals! I didn’t really pay attention to the game, and the commercials were so quirky this year. The only commercial I absolutely loved was the Coca-Cola one where people are singing America the Beautiful in different languages! Coke has always seemed like a reliable brand that wants to make people happy and feel loved. That being said, I only ever drink Dr. Pepper! Haha! The best part of today’s birthday celebration was finishing the re-organization of my Pinterest and the amazing brownie milkshakes!