Joining Gold’s Gym!

I officially joined Gold’s Gym last week and so far I absolutely love it! 35% is because of the awesome equipment and the pool! 25% is because of the good location –
on Memorial between 61st & 71st is only 2 miles from my office! 15% is because everyone has been so friendly and I’d like to find some running partners! And the last 25% is because I have a crush on one of the trainers! 😀 He’s absolutely gorgeous! He did my physical assessment when I started and we actually have some things in common! After that, I convinced myself that he’s a self-absorbed meat-head so that I would stop thinking about him, but today as I was walking out, he told me that he liked my shirt and my scarf! In guy language that means he likes my butt, but if that’s all he likes, he’s not getting anything from me! I really don’t want to get involved with anyone right now so I worked out all the reasons I have to say “no” in case he asks me out for coffee or something:

1. If he asks me unexpectedly: “I just broke up with my fiancé a few months ago and I need more time to recover.” (this is actually a true statement so that’s what I automatically think of but it makes everything awkward)

2. If I have a few seconds to remember the real reason: “Getting to know someone is a lot of work and I don’t really want that right now.” (if we get to know each other better I might change my mind)

3. If he wants to date me: “I don’t think I’m the right girl for you; we might have different long-term goals.”

4. He’ll probably try to arrange some sort of friends with benefits scenario: “I’m not looking for someone to have sex with. I think we might have different interests.”

Even with these premeditated responses, I still don’t feel prepared! But there are some good things about working out in close proximity to this hot guy: when I know he’s watching, I work twice as hard, which means I’ve been sore for the last week, which means I’m getting twice as strong! Yay for me! I absolutely detest running on treadmills, but today I did 5 miles and it was actually easy! My legs are weak and burning, but I’ll work it out when I go for a swim in the morning!