My Miata Is Totaled :(

A week ago today, I was rear-ended on my way home from work. It was warm and sunny so I had the top down on my teal 99 mazda miata mx-5. I slowed to turn into my neighborhood and was waiting for a break in traffic when I saw a black flash in my rear-view mirror and I screamed. The truck behind me rammed my car going 35 mph and I skidded 10-15 feet forward and into the lane of oncoming traffic. I slammed my feet on the brake and the clutch so my head banged against the metal bar behind my seat and I was disoriented to discover that my car was still running. After pulling onto the side of the two-lane road, I was still hyperventilating. My head was ringing and starting to get a large bruise. We think that I received a minor concussion because my pupils were not the same size and I felt too nauseaus to eat dinner for several hours. My C3 and C4 vertebrae are fused and I’m prohibited from high-impact sports like sky-diving, cliff-jumping, trampolines, bumper cars, and even water-skiing because if my neck moves a millimeter in the wrong direction, I could be paralyzed. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I have no neck pain, even an entire week later!

The Ford Explorer that hit me was so large that it only damaged the trunk of my car and didn’t disfigure the lower frame at all. No fluids were leaking and the car runs perfectly fine. The miata had a lot of cosmetic damage already but it was extremely reliable so I was worried about not getting enough money from the insurance company to buy a new car. After looking at the cosmetic damage to the trunk, the insurance company decided that the car would be a total loss and I would get $5,200. I felt so much better after hearing this! I can definitely find a good car for that much and I don’t mind using a little of my savings if necessary.

I have Progressive car insurance and they have always been wonderful. His insurance company is Country Preferred and they are a little slow. At the end of the week, after going 4 days sans vehicle, they told me that I would only get a rental car for 3 days. I doubt that the average person can buy a replacement car in that amount of time, especially after the trauma of the collision. I had nightmares and my stress level is way high! My family has been great about helping shuttle me around Tulsa. It’s a good thing we all live within 5 miles from each other and we all work in the same office building! Luckily, this week is Spring Break for my sister and she’s letting me borrow her impala while she’s in Florida. The insurance people said I could have the rental car the week after she gets back so now I have 2 weeks to spend $5200 on a car! Let the fun begin!