Love my job!

You know you have a great job when your boss asks you to find a murder mystery dinner for the annual staff party! Even though I only started in January, working with this team has been awesome! The back-up plan for the staff party is Lazer-Quest so either way it’s going to be fun! In the featured image, Our Marketing Manager, Kathy, is in the middle, and the Office Manager, Christy, is the blonde on the left. They decided that we would celebrate Administrative Assistant Day yesterday so Kathy organized a tex-mex lunch for us! She made the most delicious avocado-tomato-cilantro salsa! And us secretaries got thank-you cards for being amazing!

Last week, Christy the Office Manager got attacked by a goose! With all the rain we’ve been having this spring, the geese are everywhere… Christy turned the corner on the walkway to our building and two huge geese were standing there! They started honking and flapping their wings and so Christy honked and waved her arms right back! They got scared and flew away but her impression of the geese was absolutely hilarious! So I was entering my code to get into our office upstairs and Kathy jumped out from behind a closet door and honked at me like a goose and scared me half to death! It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing for 30 minutes!

Every time someone has a birthday, they get to pick out a dessert for us to share in the office. (I think this is a great idea!) Two weeks ago, my dad turned fifty. He and his brother are the head Financial Advisors in the office so when dad wanted to order special pies for his birthday dessert, everyone got really excited! I was sent to pick them up from the Antoinette Baking Co. they both looked gorgeous! One was a key lime, which everyone loved, but the other was a little weird. It was called StrangeLove and it had a layer of chocolate, sprinkled with bacon, smothered with delicious caramel, and topped with salted whipped cream! When Mom stopped by the office for a surprise visit, we tricked her into trying a bite and she had to spit it out! Haha! I think I was the only one who liked it!

Kathy is the Prank Queen so on April Fool’s Day, we planned a great prank for Christy! There is a running joke in the office about one of the speakers we had at an event and she keeps remembering more things to charge us for, like travel fees, speaker fees and such. So Kathy typed up a letter making up a bunch of things we “hadn’t paid the speaker for”, totaling $18,000! We put it on Christy’s desk and when she saw it she totally flipped out! She was heading downstairs to tell the advisors when we told her it was a prank and she said we got her really good! Christy’s angry face looks shocked/surprised so it is so funny to watch her go on a rant!

Our building is directly behind Mahogany’s Steak House and sometimes if Kathy’s having a rough day, she will order a baked potato from them because they’re cheap and so good! Back in February, during all the bad weather, we were all having a bad day so Christy ordered us each a baked potato and we had a ladies lunch together! Kathy showed us a youtube video of these bleating goats which sound like humans screaming…it’s random and hilarious! Here’s the link:

Okay, this is the last story. We have marketing meetings every Monday morning so usually they’re pretty dead, but one week it was just great! Poppy, my grandfather, started the company back in the day and now that he’s turning 75, he is passing everything on to his sons. He was motivating them to get more clients by giving an example of his own client acquisition technique: “When I was in the sauna yesterday, I met these two guys and gave them my business card and now they’re coming in for a meeting!” We all made fun of him for the rest of the week about taking his business cards in the sauna! Uncle Beau is an LSU alumni but 25% of our staff (including me) graduated from the University of Arkansas. I suggested we do an event with the Arkansas Alumni Association and Uncle Beau said maybe we should do a Luau and hog roast becuase that would definitely attract a lot of LSU fans! That’s all the stories for now, I hope you enjoyed them!