Gender Matters III

The environment for dating relationships has drastically changed. First, arranged marriages were replaced with the freedom to choose based on love. Then, suffrage, the feminist movement, and the invention of birth control have made women more independent. Now, couples are getting married later in life which means that they spend more time dating. That has changed what young people expect to get from a relationship. If a young person expects to get married in their 30’s, then they will recreationally date until then. Casual dating is significantly different than dating to get married. The idea of dating for fun can seem like a great way to meet people, learn to understand your own quirks, and have a little fun! The new thing people brag about today is their “number”, as in, how many people they’ve slept with. I’ve often seen my own peers keep lists and refer to it as a status symbol. The list is probably a good idea if they are concerned about their health, but bragging about it is not the kind of thing I find attractive. This Ted talk by Meg Jay explains how I feel, but keep reading after you watch it!

These days, I’m worried about going out on dates because casual sex is expected. Why would I spend the best, most foundational years of my life pursuing momentary pleasure? Even if you believe that the pleasure alone is a good reason, I am against casual sex, and here’s why: STDs, babies, and also, “friends with benefits” can ruin a great friendship!. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Life is full of problems, one after another. It’s not logical to spend your valuable free time doing something that might cause even more serious problems.

Here’s a solution: In Gender Matters 1, I talked about how your relationship status should not dictate your self-worth. It’s easy to put the selfish idea of casual sex in perspective once you realize that there are more important things. Of course, it is a sin, but no one is perfect and personally, I am less likely to follow rules unless I understand why. So religious people believe that their God knows what is best for them and has something better planned for their future. Some people devote their lives to research or helping make the world a better place. Other people focus on their careers and hobbies. Personally, I can’t waste my life on things that are momentarily pleasurable and potentially harmful, so I’ve made sex a non-factor in my life. Don’t waste time on casual sex! Take control of your life because you believe you are valuable for more than just your body!