3D printing is my new obsession!

3D printing might be the next disruptive technology, according to this TED talk. This summer I learned that there is a 3D printing lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma! My mind is running wild with all the possibilities! My annual membership cost $100 but the equipment and most of the design software is free! This month I signed up for some classes to learn how to use the machines! Fab Lab stands for Fabrication Laboratory and there is an intro video about it here:

Here are some of the ideas I’ve had for stuff I want to make!

Reagan wants her bedroom in my parents’ new house to be decorated with turtles! I’m picturing a 5-foot turtle made from angled folded paper!

My co-workers asked me to print them personalized wooden grips for their handguns!

Cool and practical high school graduation present for my brother! Our amazing instructor showed us some concrete speakers he built that look awesome so maybe something along those lines?

The company where I work hosts an annual Global Forecast event and I’d like to decorate the 10-15 tables each with centerpieces showcasing different countries as the themes, which the guests can take home with them! So like maybe a wooden box in the shape of Africa, or a 3D elephant sketch!

I’m training to run the 50 states marathons and there’s some equipment I’d like to design.. I’d like to print t-shirts for our team and who knows what else!

So, I think 3D printing is going to change the way we view products. It’s now possible to print a 3D printer yourself or buy one for around $300. You can set it on your desk at home, right next to your 2D printer. The only difficult part is learning the software. It doesn’t seem too hard though, check out these trendy design websites: http://www.123dapp.com, Sculptris, and Shapeways!