Tulsa Needs SCADpad!

I had this idea a few months ago but when I tried to describe it, people looked at me like I was crazy! This link will take you to a video about SCADpad Technology which explains my idea perfectly! This is the coolest small living concept I’ve ever seen and this needs to be in Tulsa! Watch the video and be amazed! SCADpad Technology

Having this in Tulsa would make it a symbol and a draw for young people. It embodies the imagination and energy I’ve seen growing in Tulsa and I think it would be a good fit with the following modifications:

  • The open spaces have to have protection from the elements, especially during winter. I can’t imagine being able to successfully grow a garden without a lot of work, but the community is about being conscious towards sustainable living and incorporating re-usable energy. Maybe we move the garden to the roof of the parking garage or choose a location next to a farmers market?
  • A friend told me that Tulsa has building laws about the size of a house not being too small. Could we get around this problem by having the living spaces in the community inside a building? In essence this would become the modern take on an apartment.
  • Since Tulsa has room to grow, space isn’t really an issue so the selling point on these pads will be different than it would be in, say, New York, or Atlanta. In Tulsa, they would have to be comparable in price to other apartments and customizable for each person in their pad.
  • I picture the project taking off with the partnership of Fab Lab Tulsa. The SCADpad Tech creation process was outlined in 5 episodes you can find on Youtube and in these clips, I saw that the community space was also home to a 3D printer where the residents could print off shelves or utility items for their pads as needed. This fosters the creativity about how to use the technology as part of every-day life.
  • The SCADpad is the perfect size for a single person, which makes it a great community for young, working singles! I am hesitant about partnering with a University because I want this to be independent of the University red tape. I don’t want it to have the vibe of a claustrophobic dorm room; it needs to be a space that makes you feel alive! Success is having a vision of a better future and believing that you have the power to make that happen!
  • How could we expand this idea into an office space? With one level of the parking garage for living, and one for business, this building could become multi-purpose and an even bigger draw. I was playing around with the idea of walls on wheels so you can re-organize the floor plan of the office and arrange your “cubicles” in a way that is best for your team. Imagine having the capability to transform those cubicles into a conference room for meetings or even roll them to the side for events and dinners! I imagine offering this space to entrepreneurs and their companies.

How can we do an economic and market research to test the best way to launch this in Tulsa? We will need backers to finance the building, designers and engineers to layout construction models, and who knows what else to even get this project off the ground! I want to make this happen within the next 3 years and I want to live there when it all comes together! I will be researching this project over the next 6 months and making calls to get it started! Comment below if you have any helpful tips for me or if you want to get involved!