Looking for Trouble

One of my good friends from college, Bryan Campbell, has gone on the become a videographer and has started his first big project: Looking for Trouble! Documenting a story of sacrifice, ingenuity, and determination that ultimately asks the question of who’s responsibility is it to save the world?

It is the early 1990s and the Bosnian War between Muslims and Serbs has devastated the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. The Serbs claim that Bosnia is theirs, while the Bosnians just want independence. Launching a genocidal campaign that coined the phrase “ethnic cleansing” the Serbs have besieged Sarajevo, blasting it daily with indiscriminate shelling and picking off its citizens with sniper fire from the surrounding mountains. Water is scarce in the city, and the Serbian snipers monitor the few working wells with a deadly eye.

Enter Fred Cuny, an enormously confident Texas relief worker and engineer. Fred has decades of experience and a kind of reckless determination mixed with a kind of common sense that attracts him to disasters like this. With the UN, NATO, and Europe refusing to take action against the Serbian atrocities, it is up to Fred to bring water and hope back to Sarajevo. Designing a water filtration system Texas that will make use of the terrain and limited resources, Fred must figure out a way to smuggle the semi-truck sized system into Bosnia, past enemy guns and corrupt Bosnian politicians, and install it in a war-zone.

The team has a project going on Kickstarter and after only 9 days it’s been 54% funded! I’ve already donated so I can get a copy! If you want to donate, you can find them on Facebook or Kickstarter: