Thanks for taking the time to read about me! I am 23, Reformed Presbyterian, and single. My interests include running marathons, my job in finance, my family in Tulsa, and close friends. I love learning new things and I am a hopeless romantic dreamer. I am exceptionally driven and extremely focused. I don’t always make a brilliant first impression and I can be extremely judgmental. I speak fluent French and my biggest goals in life are to buy a small house in France and to start an international company with my brother! Follow me on Pinterest (Brooklyn Brock, JustDOIT22), LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (braveadventure), Twitter (@BrooklynBrock), Prezi, The City, or Strava.

I also have another wordpress blog called SeeBeRun where my running partner and I are sharing stories about our journey to run the 50 states marathons! Next summer we will launch a KickStarter campaign to raise money to buy a small 6-seater airplane to travel to each of the races and document the experience with a GoPro camera!

This is by far my favorite TED talk, get ready to be inspired!