During my calendar year as a Resident Assistant at the University of Arkansas, I lived in Gibson Hall, an all girls Residence Hall with 2 other RAs. I took on the non-mandatory responsibility of writing a weekly newsletter to post in the bathrooms for entertainment and to provide a resource for interaction. I researched the content, printed the papers each week on a different color of paper, and distributed the papers in each of the nine bathrooms in our hall, a total of 85 locations throughout the building. There were approximately 100 girls living in our building, 50% of which were freshmen. The weekly newspaper included a daily agenda of events happening on campus, a quote from a famous person, an image, body text, and a way to contact me if the girls were interested in writing for the paper. One of the international students from Japan wrote for me one week about Japanese customs and culture. Below are all the papers which I wrote. My co-RAs wrote twice a semester. These documents are not in chronological order. The ones with dates in the title are from Fall 2011 and the descriptive titles are from Spring 2012. Enjoy!

Gibson TP Sushi

Gibson TP Walmart Bribery

Gibson TP Summertime

Gibson TP Pinata Cookies

Gibson TP Photography

Gibson TP Optical Illusion

Gibson TP January

Gibson TP Oct 16

Gibson TP Oct 21

Gibson TP Sept 9

Gibson TP Sept 30

Gibson TP Audrey Hepburn

Gibson TP Chuck Norris

Gibson TP Confucius Say

Gibson TP Nov 29

Gibson TP Nov 5

Gibson TP Dec 12

Gibson TP Aug 27

Gibson TP Aug 18